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The product

A product so concrete that it focuses first and foremost on the soul.
Let’s pay the right amount of attention to our inner self. Let’s love our skin because it is the envelope of our soul. These cosmetics have an important task. They must teach us how to love ourselves again.
A new cosmetic line has been created, that does not speak only to the flesh, because it directly addresses your thoughts.
Cosmetics that merely treat your imperfections are made up of textures, of a specific consistency, and a love for concreteness. Alius’ precious bottles and jars contain something much more valuable than that – precious essential oils, obtained through traditional laboratory techniques, that give off their intense aromas to help you, to make you feel seductive, to smooth away asperities. Before taking care of your body, they need to take care of your soul. In this synesthesia made up of hands, tactility, words, captivating scents, and – lastly – of beauty, there is something similar to the harmony we are looking for. Many Alius products are based on high-purity essential oils for one very simple reason - our sense of smell directly connects to our brain.
No scent has not been selected at random. They were chosen to produce additive effects in combination with the active ingredients of our cosmetic specialties. Through our sense of smell we can redress the balance of our emotional state.

Aromacology and Cosmetics

Created in the 1980’s, aromacology is the study of the relationships between psychology and the effects of scents on our behaviours. Every breathing being is animated by the spirit of life. Everything we do is generated by breathing and accompanied by the scent of an emotion, the aroma of a thought, the fragrance of a memory. One can therefore conclude that it is possible to produce effects on a person by acting on their breathing pathway, a powerful channel stimulated by aromas and fragrances that – in the case of Alius - are given off by essential oils derived from plants, flowers and fruits. Their natural properties are enshrined in the cosmetics that use them.

Essential oils and Life

Essential oils are aromatic substances contained in specific plant tissues and extracted by means of steam distillation or cold pressing. Science has attributed to essential oils a whole set of properties, ranging from antiseptic and antibacterial activities to tonic and relaxing effects. The essential oils used by Alius consist in 100% pure blends and in synergic combinations of ingredients.

To understand how strong nature is, it’s enough for you to think that its strength is now fully contained in that small oil droplet on your skin

The principles we believe in have led to the development of three product lines, i.e. Elementi, Equilibri, Essere. Three E’s that were not chosen by chance. The first E stands for Elementare (Elementary) – and it refers to the choice of the numbers and names. The second E stands for Elegante ( Elegant, smart) – and it refers to the refined beauty of the colours, the style, the shapes. The third E stands for Entusiasmante (Exciting) – and it refers to the spirit pervading those who have created this new world of beauty. Numbers and letters combine to create a powerful and gentle synthesis that refers to 5 elements connected to profound concepts and gentle colours. At the end of this journey, this delicately scented mist will give rise to a special harmony - a beauty that is not content with superficial values, but is supported by thinking and a psycho-physical equilibrium.