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A skin care regime formulated to effectively treat problem skin without harshness. Because also problem complexions hold a precious harmony inside.

The Essere product line is an ambitious project blending together in perfect harmony the principles of aromatherapy, an effective skin-repairing action, and a strong maintenance effect. This system was developed in order to cater to the most refined sensory needs women may have when taking care of their face skin. These skin care preparations make use of carefully selected raw materials and high-quality ingredients blended together in the most advanced laboratories in Europe. The Essere product line is designed for women who know they can still look stunning despite their skin problems or even if they are in a bad mood. They can do so by reconstructing the thin thread that links self-love with femininity and self-acceptance. Even if they feel they are fighting alone against impossibile odds.

Essential oils

Essential oils are aromatic substances extracted primarily from specific plant tissues by means of steam distillation or cold pressing. Science has attributed to essential oils a whole set of properties, ranging from antiseptic and antibacterial activities to tonic and relaxing effects. Essential oils are real magic, in that they manage to capture the scent of a plant within tiny steam droplets. These will be turned into oil through a precipitation process. Essential oils are the carrier of the plant’s soul. They activate the plant’s metabolic processes. Through its scents nature can stir up feelings and emotions. Pure essential oils can have a powerful influence on us by getting in touch with our minds through the sense of smell.

È unico. A Serum containing a high concentration of hyaluronic acid, allantoin and cranberry-derived proanthocyanidins

This serum is really unique, in that it gives unprecedented glow even to skins in critical conditions by blending together luxurious ingredients to create a luminous skin and extraordinary radiant glow. As soon as the sensory stimuli generated by the essential oils start to act, the serum shows its unique efficacy. It becomes the ideal complement to the facial cream that best suits your skin type.

È fresca. Panthenol- and-Collagen-based Balancing Facial Cream

As refreshing as a gentle summer drizzle flowing on your skin. Its action is based on the synergistic effects of Avocado Oil, Olive Oil Unsaponifiables, Vitamin E and Wheat Germ Oil.The presence of nmf (Normal Moisturizing Factor), Panthenol and Collagen shows that this preparation is helpful after sun exposure, abundant sweating with subsequent mineral loss and weight loss, or to treat irritated skin, folliculitis and diffuse or localized congestion.

È completa. Face Cream with Lipoic Acid and Coenzyme Q10.

We called this cream ‘Complete’ because it contains a wide range of ingredients, starting from Vitamins A, C and E, Olive Oil Unsaponifiables, Camomile, Jojoba and Avocado. It also contains Lipoic acid, Coenzyme Q10, and Oleanolic acid, which have synergistic effects. It could not be called complete, though, without a blend of plant-derived ingredients (Camomile,Witch Hazel or Hamamelis Virginiana and Mallow), combined with an alpha-hydroxy-acid complex. Thanks to this complex, this cream enhances skin suppleness and imparts a perfectly soft, silky feel to the skin.

È ricca. Firming and Energizing Face Cream.

It is as rich as a woman’s soul when she feels valued and emotionally fulfilled. With ageing, the level of endogenous oestrogens in a woman’s body will decline. This has a negative effect on the texture of the skin, that will look dull, less hydrated and less firm. You will feel pampered with this cream, because it contains Olive Oil Unsaponifiables and Gamma –Oryzanol, which regulates sebaceous gland activity and prevents wrinkles. It also contains Vitamin E, Bisabolol, Collagen, Elastin and Panthenol. The synergistic effects of these components will visibly increase skin luminosity and clarity and greatly improve skin firmness.

È seta. Total Cream based on natural active ingredients

Its action is due to the presence of biofunctional ingredients, such as Olive Oil Unsaponifiables and Cordyceps Sinensis. When your body’s skin gets dehydrated, it becomes thinner, drier, more fragile, it gets frequently irritated, it loses its elasticity and it creases easily. In one word, it loses its natural silkiness. In such cases, this product is particularly helpful. It is a highly effective body cream designed for daily use by those who wish to take care of their skin. To bring back the early excitement of seductiveness.

È luce. Gentle Face & Body Cleanser

Its predominant feature is the presence of Mandelic acid, an alpha hydroxy acid derived from almonds. If you want your skin to be reborn, if you want to restore its natural glow and the fullness of its grace, this is the absolute best cleanser for you. Apply to dry skin and gently massage with your hands, then rinse thoroughly. è luce is designed for daily use. It should not be used to remove eye make-up.
The professional product line your body had been waiting for. With passion.

Taking care of your skin means taking care of yourself. It means starting a passionate love affair with the whole of your body. In view of the attention it deserves, alius has developed a dedicated professional product line for this very purpose. The essere pro approach provides for a 3-step treatment plan whose efficacy is based on the meeting between the treatment provider and the client’s skin. The aim is to start a subtle dialogue, an intimate relationship that will develop through a number of steps. It will all start with a gentle skin cleansing session, followed by a massage with specific gels containing delicately scented essential oils. Then you will need to give your skin time to rest under a face mask, to restore the skin’s balance and natural radiance. Finally - the long-lasting pleasure, when the serum and the cream are applied. This treatment provides tangible results – if you take care of your skin, it will show gratitude for so much attention.

9 products, 3 steps.
This is all you need to teach your skin
the language of beauty.

Essere pro is a product line based on active natural ingredients that will turn your skin into a beauty organ. The first step in the treatment focuses on deep cleansing. The second is designed to improve skin comfort by applying essential oils. The third step focuses on maintenance. At this stage, the è unico serum and the cream most suited to your skin type will be applied.

Il senso di tutto non è togliere, ma comprendere.

Comprendere per ripristinare un equilibrio, un collegamento, un tassello che manca, un disagio non compreso. La LINEA ESSERE PRO CORPO è il veicolo per arrivare in quel luogo che fino ad ora era irraggiungibile. È composta da tre prodotti, utilizzabili da soli, in sinergia fra loro o in aggiunta alle Cremalghe della Linea Elementi.

Olio Corpo L
Con Pepe Nero e Fosfatidilcolina

Olio Corpo M
Con Lavanda, Camomilla, Cipresso, Mirra e Ginepro

Olio Corpo P
Con Estratto di Edera, Complesso Botanico di Guaranà, Fucus, Thè Verde, Fosfatidilcolina, Alga Kumbu ed Escina

Trattamento Intensivo Striae Bianche e Striae Rosse


Fondamentale per favorire il ricambio cellulare del tessuto danneggiato dalle smagliature. Promuove il rinnovamento epteliale per ricreare un nuovo strato cutaneo. Con questa prima fase si preparano i tessuti ad un cambiamento. Togliere il "vecchio" per accogliere il "nduovo". AD USO PROFESSIONALE ESCLUSIVO.


Un'azione importante che attiva nei tessuti le funzioni autoriparatrici. L'applicazione di questo prodotto favorisce i processi antinfiammatori, antiossidanti e stimolanti. Questa fase permette al tessuto di ricostruirsi una nuova identità. Consulta la tua operatrice di fiducia per scoprire il prodotto più adatto a te.


Rafforza il tessuto apportando nutrimento e idratazione funzionali al recupero e del rimpolpamento dermico per diminuire sensibilmente i segni delle smagliature. Un nuovo tessuto per un nuovo vestito.


Olio preventivo in formula secca, strutturato per idratare, elatticizzare e proteggere tessuti a rischio in tutte quelle situazioni in cui la pelle è sottoposta a grande stress. Adatto alle donne in gravidanza, in casi di forte aumento o diminuzione di peso, alle giovani donne in fase di crescita.