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Full treatment with essential oils.
To recover psychophysical harmony
and revitalize your body.


Basic cosmetics. Its action begins even before fighting skin imperfections

Elementi deserves credit for this. It is an elementary trick contributing to understand the delicate movement of energy. To put it simply, Elementi is a face and body cosmetic line based on essential oils and active principles. It aims at achieving the awareness of being and balance, because balance is essential to give sense to beauty. All of its components have been selected and tested. Its active principles have been chosen for their efficacy, stability and purity.

Choose your element


Essential oils are aromatic substances contained in particular tissues of many plants, from which they are extracted by steam distillation or crushing. Science attributes to essential oils properties ranging from an antiseptic, antibacterial action to a toning up and relaxing one. The essential oils used by Alius are synergies and should never come in direct contact with the skin, to avoid irritation; they are blended on an oily base which they use as a vector to develop all their power.

Algae cream

Stimulating action. The use of algae has a very ancient origin; in the East they are reported to have been used by the Japanse, the Chinese and the Filipinos as many as 5000 years ago. Sea algae have been demonstrated to have phytologic properties because of the abundant active principles they contain: Iodine, Vitamins, Amino acids, Mineral salts, Sugars. The action of Iodine (even al low quantities) together with that of minerals has an electrolyte regulation effect, defined figuratively magnetic because of the attraction it exerts on excess fluids in the tissues. In addition to the effect produced by the essential oil of the present synergies, the Algae Cream contributes to the tissue stimulation by the essential oil and acts on toxic accumulations, commonly known as skin imperfections.

Bath oil

The purity effect. The entire Bath Oil range, enriched with the bio-functional principles of the essential oils relating to the elements, is a treatment aiming at cleansing the body tissues and eliminate fluid organic waste. The water temperature enhances the aroma of essential oils, which in turn stimulate the smell receptors. Interestingly, water pressure also exerts a micro-massage and the high temperature brings out the aroma, thereby contributing to the elimination of liquid organic waste. The Bath Oil can not only be used as a supplement to a booth treatment, but also for home maintenance to extend the effect of the specific massage carried out by the beautician or the masseur.

Body emulsion

Born to nourish. The Body emulsions based on Wheat germ oil and Karité are characterised and inactivated by the presence of essential oils contained in the formulations. This line has been created to prolong the treatment at home and enjoy the beneficial actions that essential oils have on the tissue and emotional movement begun in the booth with the professional massage. Emulsions are, therefore, an excellent home product for people with dehydrated and poorly nourished skin.

Defendit essential oil

Skin is born again. The Defendit synergy acts on the tissues presenting with impurities, mainly thanks to the presence of two bio-functional principles: Cypress and Lemon. Cypress, by involving the psyche, confers calmness and serenity, it transforms and purifies. It reinforces the nervous system and helps concentration. It carries out a toning up, astringent and refreshing function while having a replenishing and restoring action on the skin. Lemon, which has very stimulating powers, enhances performance capacities, helps concentration, arouses vital energies, gives self-assurance and confidence.

Skin balm

Calming the pain. The soothing action of this Balm is based on some recognized bio-functional principles: Arnica montana, Devil’s claw and Boswellia. Pain is an essential piece of information that the tissues use to call for attention; pain is, therefore, a help and should not be removed coercively, but only controlled and eased. Its complete removal would deprive the body of the possibility to defend itself; thus, pain should be tolerated and soothed not to disturb the delicate body recovery project, which also takes place through the manualistic and reflexology treatment.

Sour cream

Objective: normalizing. Lenivi is a cream with bio-functional principles such as Vitamin E, Vitamin A and Lactic Acid. For its normalizing and emollient properties, it is particularly indicated for people with red, dry and poorly nourished skin. Lenivi is suitable for both oily and dehydrated skin and is the ideal solution for delicate or even thickened skin. Because of its versatility, it has beneficial effects on small wrinkles and chapped skin caused by exposure to wind, cold and sun.

Face-body normalising cream

Tranquillizing the skin. Lenivi is a soothing action cream which can be used to calm redness caused by irritation (external agents, not coupe rose) and as an adjuvant in furunculosis. It is also used in the treatment of eczema, irritation caused by depilation, folliculitis due to shaving, nappy irritation and itching. Its bio-functional components include Calendula, Chamomile, Bisabolol, 18-beta-glycyrrhetinic acid, which normalise any uncomfortable feeling on the skin, improve skin appearance and calm irritations. The Grapefruit pip extract helps controlling the micro-organisms on the skin. The Pygeum and Serenoa extracts contribute to controlling sebum production. The Vitis vinifera extract reduces the action of free radicals on the skin, by combining its effects with those of the endogenous antioxidants.

Algae cream

For irritable tissues. The fact that this cream is neutral does not mean that it is inert and, as a result, ineffective. Its main property is being neutral and, therefore, appreciated by all the people who do not tolerate the smell of essential oil, as well as anyone having a particularly sensitive skin because of an excessive amount of histamine in the tissues. This Neutral cream is ideal for tissues characterised, in its cells and microcirculation, by a vasodilatory movement causing redness. A sensitive tissue which reddens easily is a sign of discomfort and should not be further stressed. The Neutral cream contains micronized algae and principles extracted from plants, such as Calendula, Chamomile, Mallow, Almonds and Wheat Germ.

massage oil

The natural base. Oleum has powerful carrying and lubricating properties; it is totally based on vegetable extracts and includes 58% Almond oil. It has been formulated on a neutral base so that it can be customized with essential oils in different dilutions. Essential oils are extremely volatile and, in order to be used, require a vector such as oil. This is the meaning of “Oleum”. The synergies diluted in it make the essential oil suitable for massaging so that it can be used where tissues need a deep reactivation of their inherent movement.

blend di oli essenziali in gel 15V

ROSMARINO TRI RETTIFICATO: energetico, tonico, antisettico, coleretico. INDICAZIONI: affaticamento generale, stanchezza, depurante epatico, dispepsia, ipercolesterolemia, disturbi epatici in generale. POMPELMO CUBANO: diuretico, depurativo,digestivo, detossinante. INDICAZIONI: digestioni difficili, pelle untuosa, grasso in eccesso. LIMONE DETERPENATO: depurativo, rinfrescante, tonico, ossidoriduttore, fluidificante. INDICAZIONI: dispepsia.

blend di oli essenziali in gel 25R

INCENSO: respiratorio, antisettico, rilassante,armonizzante. INDICAZIONI: ansia, laringite, asma, problemi da raffreddamento. LAVANDA VERA: antispasmodico, equilibrante, stabilizzante. INDICAZIONI: ansia, insonnia, asm, mal di gola, bronchite, catarro. ROSA RIVIERA: cardiaca, stomachica, antispasmodica, antidepressiva. INDICAZIONI: palpitazioni, asma, tosse, insonnia.

blend di oli essenziali in gel 35G

ANICE STELLATO: stomachico, stimolante generale. INDICAZIONI: allevia la pesatezza allo stomaco, aiuta i processi digestivi, crampi, coliche. FINOCCHIO DOLCE: antinfiammatorio, tonico, antispastico. INDICAZIONI: digestivo, per il gonfiore addominale, battericida, nausea, dispepsia. MENTA: battericida, antispastico, tonico. INDICAZIONI: gonfiore al ventre, antinausea, digestivo, coliche, disturbi epato biliari.

blend di oli essenziali in gel 45B

ROSMARINO TRI RETTIFICATO: energetico, tonico, antisettico, coleretico. INDICAZIONI: colite, infezioni intestinali, flautolenza, dispepsia, affaticameto generale. MAGGIORANA : rilassante, digestivo, rimineralizzante, rinforza il sistema immunitario, rinforzante, decontraente, rinfrescante. INDICAZIONI: depurazione organica, dispepsia, coliche, stipsi, flautolenza. BERGAMOTTO: anti stress antisettico, antispastico. INDICAZIONI : stitichezza, flautolenza. ZENZERO: stimolante, attivante, carminativo, antispastico. INDICAZIONI: flautolenza, digestione difficile, lassativo, diarrea. ARANCIO AMARO: antisettico intestinale, antispasmodico. INDICAZIONI: costipazione, stipsi, intossicazione generale.

blend di oli essenziali in gel 55N

GERANIO BOURBON: Tonico, stimolante surrenalico, antinfiammatorio. INDICAZIONI: tensione, ansia da prestazione, ossessioni. GINEPRO: stimolante renale, diuretico. INDICAZIONI: affezioni uro-genitali, cistiti, drenante, depurante.

blend di oli essenziali in gel 78C

Il Blend 78C si utilizza in casi di dolore di tipo YIN, caratterizzati quindi da dolore notturno, continuo, profondo e diffuso, aggravato dal freddo e migliorato dal movimento. Con: cannella, canfora bianca, menta, cajeput, rosmarino, zenzero.

blend di oli essenziali in gel 98F

Il Blend 98F si utilizza in casi di dolori di tipo YANG, caratterizzati quindi da dolore diurno, aggravato dal movimento e dal calore, migliora con il freddo, si presenta folgorante, battente, superficiale, localizzato. Con: canfora bianca, foglie di menta, cajeput, niauli, zenzero.